September Photos Galore! Part Two.

So we sorted out where the outlets and lighting is going to go, and I got a good look at the windows.

This, of course, is the electrical diagram.

And these are my operable windows. I had no idea there was a National Fenestration Rating Council. Don't mess with the NFRC, homies

Wider shot. Man, we have a lot of glass going on.

This is a section of the louvres that hang on the outside of the plate glass sections. They are hinged at the top so that they can be propped up and out of the way so you can clean the glass. And if things really go to shit, I can lift those up during the day and sell corn dogs out the kitchen window for extra cash. Always have a backup plan, peoples.

Look up, way up. Ceiling stuff.

Ahhhh...look at all that running-around room...that will soon change when they start the interior. 

Little Miss Crow

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