Sweet Finalized Images!​

Now all I need is a sunny meadow. Or an RV Park. Thankfully, I do have one of those.

Check out all these lovely images John sent me on the 28th.




And now for the interior...




Super fancy cutaways...



The transparent areas of the image outside the unit are showing up black here for some reason. For the night is dark and full of terrors! Not really, just raccoons.

I'm going to need all the storage space we can wring out of this fine design, so I have suggested we utilize the unused space above the bed (seen above as the black area immediately above the stowed bed in image G.) as storage, by either making it a drawer or drawers that pull forward behind the highest step in image G. or having sections of the raised floor being able to open something like so; 

(Google image search)

This is also a super cool option for accessing floor stashes; see 2:23 of this video...


I'm most partial to either the drawer scenario or the lift-able floor panels because suction cups, right? Who doesn't want a suction cup-activated super secret spy stash? 

If you look at the raised area where the bathroom is, on the left-hand side of image D., the bathroom floor is about 24" above the level of the regular floor in the open area, so that is about a 6' X 2'  space about 20" high beneath the bathroom floor. 

Some of it will be needed for plumbing, etc. but there should be a sizeable area suitable for storage, likely accessed from the exterior in order to not have access from a floor that will frequently be wet from the shower.

That will be great for awkward and large items like a 5" step ladder and a shovel. I will def need the ladder to access above the kitchen and doorway areas in front of the upper transom windows. 

The area over the doorway will be Catlandia, and the area over the kitchen will be Plantlandia. Utter unstoppable chaos will result if those two areas overlap (please see "cat barf", "shredded plants" and "you little bastards") so I plan to add a unobtrusive plexiglas partition between these lands to keep the peace.

What do you think of my under floor storage plans? How are you planning to to stash stuff you need to have on hand, but won't need every day? Why do cats barf all the time?

Little Miss Crow

All art and photos are copyright isabella legosi mori unless otherwise credited. Please check out my builder's site camerabuildings.com

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Holy serendipity! I have been harboring this fantasty about getting a lot in the West Van RV Park and putting a tiny house on it, but for practical reasons it hadn't progressed beyond that. Momentum has started to move more tangibly in that direction of late, however. This morning I was listening to the CBC whilst on my way over the Lion's Gate to look at a mobile home for sale in said RV park, when a story about Camera and the tiny house movement came on. I looked up their site, and the Vancouver meetup group, as soon as I got home, and followed a few links that eventually brought me here. I would LOVE to touch base with you about the sitch in West Van if you don't mind sharing what you've discovered! I can be reached at withappeal@gmail.com. Thank you for giving me hope! Best of luck with your project!
2014-06-07, Dana

Hey Dana, glad you found me! I will email you shortly with the lowdown =)
2014-06-11, Little Miss Crow

You got me thinking about Catlandia access. A tall narrow pole with interesting ramps of driftwood and sisal. Or what a 2nd floor friend did - a 2x4 ramp, perhaps attached near the bottom with a good stair railing bracket. I once used an old Ikea wooden dish rack slat as a grab point for my cat to reach an over the stairs window he preferred. Anyway - thought I'd throw that out there.
2014-06-12, David

I like the pole idea. My cats are a bit older and definitely will need some help.
2014-06-13, Little Miss Crow

There was a place just off SE Marine in Vancouver, just E of the Knight St bridge that made magnificent cat poles from driftwood. Dunno if they're still there but you'd need a custom creation anyway. The point is - it could be an art form, even though also very functional. ;-)
2014-06-13, David

That's exactly what it has to be, functional but still part of the design of the house, given I have to look at it daily, lol.
2014-06-15, Little Miss Crow

Your house is beautiful! I'm currently designing my own tiny house and I'm curious how you managed to squeeze so many amazing windows into the structure without detracting from the shear value. (If there is a post where you explain that, my apologies, I couldn't find it.) Thanks!
2015-09-26, Amata

Hi Amata, please contact the builder, John McFarlane of camerabuildings.com for technical details =)
2015-09-28, Little Miss Crow

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