So...Where the Hell Have I Been?

Just living life, actually. After the stress of just getting the place finished, moving in, learning the systems (propane tankless water heater, composting toilet, rv park living in general), and working a weekend graveyard shift high-stress job, I needed to do some Olympic-level binge watching and sweet, sweet internet oblivion.

Done and done. Now that spring is here, I am working on some rad planting projects. First though, some photos from the 'lost months', lol.

Pie! My Breville Smart Oven bakes pies and quiche like nobody's business. I make up a bunch of pie crust dough and freeze it. I freeze some of it in the little aluminum pie plates you can get at the grocery store. Take one out, throw in some cheese, whatever tasty stuff you have hanging around, two beaten eggs and a dash of almond milk (original, not vanilla for a savory quiche), bake it, and quick homemade hot dinner.

Check out the white paper window coverings. They are really cheap and work extremely well. They are also able to be cut to exactly the size you need. I was able to buy the RediShade Special Value 36"x72" 3-packs for around $12 each from the local Home Depot, meaning I did 11 windows for about $36. Because I was trimming them to fit width-wise, the two narrowest windows were done with two of the off cuts from the wider windows.

They've been up and used daily for three months with no issue, and look lovely, giving me all the privacy I need and diffusing the light in a cheery off-white glow.

Exploring the new 'hood in February; railway bridge over the Capilano River. An amazing blue sky on a bright chilly day.

And the first quiche I made, in a tiny little Pyrex baking dish. Friggin' yum! You can see eggs in a carton behind it; I was experimenting with keeping eggs out on the counter rather than in a fridge because a 12 carton of eggs takes up a ton of room in my little fridge, and the Osaka grocery store doesn't sell the 6 cartons.

It works fine. All I do is put a little 'X' in pencil on one end of each of the eggs, and turn them all one a day. Do a little Google Fu to find out why, and you will also find we randomly refrigerate a lot of items here in North America that are not usually refrigerated in other parts of the world.

The most Canadian of all vending machines is in the clubhouse of my rv park. Also; Skittles. Yet another magical food dropping machine has Dr Pepper.

Malnutrition Trifecta of Rapture achieved!

These are anemone bulbs soaking prior to planting... my porch and patio container garden extravaganza! In this photo you can see my collection of random Dollar Store metal buckets, Home Depot paint cans, and blue industrial cleaning buckets converted into planters, courtesy of my little Makita drill for those crucial drainage holes.

Have some plant friend close-ups...

Clematis "Pink Champagne".



Oregano, lemongrass, rosemary and sage.

Cilantro and eventually basil on the bottom.

Carnations at the foot of the clematis, to shade the roots. Clematis are a little particular, I am learning. Hopefully this clematis likes being boss of the porch.

Now for my latest garden freak out...

...the Scandalous Scarlet Plant Lair on Wheels! One perfectly acceptable but somewhat scandal-deficient 48" cedar planter box...

Caulk and water seal the bottom, add some drain holes, casters, plastic lining, and a whole lot of plastic sheeting wrangling in the face of seemingly gale-force breezes...and some seriously red spray paint.

Throw in some good dirt, and plant some kale and rainbow Swiss chard. Blue buckets are planted with flowers.

Used the last of the spray paint to repurpose this kitty litter container into a new home for this saucy thunbergia.

I'm hoping to have the clematis, morning glory, and thunbergia growing up and over the door in pink, blue, and mango-yellow glory. The morning glory is planted in the bucket to the left of the front door.

Yay! Noticed today that cosmos are sprouting in the blue buckets. All together, have planted the clematis, morning glory 'heavenly blue', strawberries, anenome, marigolds, red corn poppies, oriental poppies, carnations, cosmos, thunbergia, cilantro, basil, sage, lemongrass, rosemary and oregano. And I have a potted cyclamen outside to see how it gets along.

I have been very happy in my little house. Since the sunny weather has me outside pottering and planting, lots of visiting rv folk have stopped by and checked out the house, and it has been fun giving mini-tours and talking a little about the tiny house as an alternative to traditional Lower Mainland mortgage-slavery and debt-load.

Living in this house, in this place, is remarkable. Most rv peeps have exactly the same reasons for small living as tiny housers; they don't need tons of crap, and they don't want to spend their money maintaining tons of crap. They want to be free of grinding financial stress and responsibility, and in various ways have arrived at a point in their lives where it is practical to ditch the crap and go small. It won't work for everybody, but if you think it could work for you, get on it and feel the love.

Hooray for the tiny life, however you may get there, and in whatever shape that takes!

Little Miss Crow

All art and photos are copyright isabella legosi mori unless otherwise credited. Please check out my builder's site

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Love your container garden! So cheerful and practical. Looks like you're even more nested than when I visited; it's lovely to see you so happy with your tiny house :-)
2015-04-16, Claudia

Hi, Sorry to awkwardly contact you here, but I came across your tiny house on Design Taxi and I thought it was really cool. So, I'm a writer for, and our readers really like tiny houses. I was wondering if I could feature your home in an article and use some of your photos in it. The article would include links back to this blog and any other social media profile you might want to include.
Our site gets 3,500,000 readers per day and has over 2,000,000 Facebook followers, and I think they'd all really love to check out your home.
Let me know if you have any questions!
Laura Caseley
2015-04-22, Laura Caseley

Hey Laura, glad you like my tiny house, and am happy to have it featured in ViralNova! Go for it =)
2015-04-23, Little Miss Crow

Hi again, your article's all finished! You can see it here:
Feel free to share with your friends, and thanks again!
2015-04-27, Laura Caseley

the metal flour/tea/etc holder on your kitchen counter! where did you find it? i have a tiny house and have a couple of old ones found at second-hand shops and need another to hang (most of them have holes in the back to hang and free up counter space). thank you!
2015-11-30, marie

Hello Marie, I actually found it at a sidewalk apartment sale, no idea where the seller got it. One of my favourite pieces, and super handy.
2015-12-01, Little Miss Crow

are there any brand markings on it? i could do an etsy/ebay search! thank you! feel free to just email me.
2015-12-01, marie

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