Tiny House Goodies #2

So greywater. Much exasperate.

Second in frustration factor only to, "Where do I park my tiny house?" in the thwartstakes that is the tiny house acquisition experience.

May I kindly introduce you to...


Easy to use, you maintain it yourself, relatively affordable at around $800, and does not involve; digging holes, constructing gravel pits, planting marshes, or generally having your own kingdom, cuz nobody is going to want you making their backyard look like a WW1 trenchfest so you can wash the Cinnamon Toast Crunch out of your cereal bowl.

And don't even say you don't eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch, because it is like eating magical unicorn flakes. 

Related news: Turns out unicorns are made of tiny churros.

Little Miss Crow

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Genius! I especially love the fact that the filters are washable, so there's no need ti replace them.
2014-04-01, Claudia

Exactly! Way better than so many items that enthusiastically gouge you for crucial components....yep, looking at you, printer, and you, razor that needs ridiculously expensive blades!
2014-04-02, Little Miss Crow

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