September Photos Galore! Part One.

Photos have been piling up this busy month, and so, with no further ado, release the photos!

Fixed glass has gone in! Josh took photo, and is in maybe somebody else took it, but Josh posted it and I scooped it from the Camera Buildings Facebook page...thanks mystery camera person!

Festive bathroom fixed glass. Only sneaky basketball players will be able to scope out my incredibly tiny bathroom. Maybe some tiny curtains will be in order?

Operable windows! Fancy ones that tilt back open at the top, and with a turn of the handle then open in the usual fashion from side hinges. Photo by Josh.

This photo shows the design contrast between the Tiny Community Centre which follows the more traditional lofted cottage model and Thousand Crow's loft-less, flat-roofed approach. They need to be in a cop buddy movie where they could annoy the crap out of each other before BREAKIN' ALL THE RULES and saving the day.

Window inception. And rain. Lots and lots of delicious rain. I love the blue and red trim on the Tiny Community Centre!

Little Miss Crow

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It's beautiful! You're going to get so much natural light, which is always important but especially so in Vancouver during the grey months.
2014-09-25, Claudia

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