When You Are Four

So it was not the easiest thing to get into the RV park and at one point it looked like it might not happen at all, but the staff here are amazing; kind, funny, and generous with their time and expertise which has been incredibly helpful for an RV dumbass like myself.

I had never even changed out a propane tank before, so the learning curve was somewhat like The Wall for all you Game of Thrones homies out there.

But what's it like living in my tiny house? What's it really like?

Have I locked myself in my 6' x 2' bathroom to cry, as I suddenly copped to the fact that I live in 186 square feet with two cats? Nope, and not just because tears increase the humidity.

I feel at home for the first time since I was a sun-bleached little hippie kid running around in my tie-dyed underwear in Laguna Beach, California. Like, this is MY house, and I can be who I am here. When you are four, that is kind of life in general, but we tend to lose that as we grow up, moving around, changing countries, changing jobs, changing relationships, watching the world and our place in it and on it change faster and faster each year.

It can sometimes feel like the Earth is spinning fast enough to toss us right off into outer space. Have you seen Gravity?! Not cool dude, not cool. So an all-encompassing feeling of belonging somewhere is a rare thing.

They say that you need to find sweet spots in your life to be happy. Find a job where all the parts of you that made you a miserable bastard in other jobs are suddenly super powers that make you really, really good at what you do. Find social situations that actually work with the amount of social energy you have and so are a delight rather than a burden.

Find outlets for your creativity that are deeply enjoyable in the doing rather than dependent on the finished product. Have fellow creatures and comforts around that you truly love; people, animals, plants, books, music, art, whatever allows you to look around and regard your home as a nest rather than a perch.

I said somewhere in this blog that in Thousand Crow it is always August, and this photo captures that perfectly.

Life is going to do some stupid shit to you, and you are going to do some stupid shit to you. You need a place that's got your back so you can bare knuckle brawl the stupid. Make your living space your August. And if a tiny house will be your August, get on that shit =)

Little Miss Crow

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This is a wonderful post! I'm building a tiny house in North Van with WestCoast Outbuildings, and this makes me so excited for the moment I can step into my house and feel truly at home. I'm trying to work with the City of North Van to park my tiny house in a backyard -- would love to chat with you about your experience, if you've got some free time :)
Sam (www.smallspacemoreplace.wordpress.com)
2016-05-10, Sam Gambling

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