Electrical! Yay!​

Finally have the electrical going in, and plumbing as well. Super happy! Am so incredibly tired of my current housing situation. Where I am has served me well as far as being a place I could save the money to buy my tiny house, but all its failings are magnified by the rainy onset of winter. Times that by five years, and you can see why these last few weeks before I finally get to be in a place that feels like home instead of camping seem to be an eternity.

Having said that, it is a place I can do projects in, have been doing a few, and I will be posting some of those shortly. For now, check out the interior progress!

This is the hole for the vent from the bathroom fan. It's a Panasonic model and is apparently quite fancy, as it monitors humidity as well.

And here it is, awaiting installation. Dave had painted the vents, and was waiting for them to dry.

The vents are being helped to dry a little faster with this shop lamp, powered by this amazing flamingo pink extension cord! I have seen many an extension cord in my day, but none as cheery as this. It came that way too, not spray-painted in the shop.

Look at all the lovely wiring!

And this is the best! This heap of random is my range hood, in the foreground, and behind it are my Airhead composting toilet (big box to the left) and on top of that box is my double sink (larger sink has white plastic bag in it, smaller sink has brown cardboard box). In the bag are items for the grey water outflow and the water intake valve, and in the brown box is my kitchen faucet. 

My Precision Temp tank-less hot water system is somewhere in there as well. Cannot wait to see all this gear installed! The kitchen cabinets have been made at another site, and will go in at the same time as the interior framing for the bathroom walls, closets, mezzanine level, and bed pull-out drawer goes in, probably over the coming weekend and early next week. 

Fifteen days to go until she's finished. Hooray!

Little Miss Crow

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Congrats - it is already official shelter with the outside done. Then it kind of seems to accelerate as the interior comes together. Pretty exciting.
2014-10-16, David

That is so exciting, things are really taking shape and very quickly. Less than two weeks to go until completion and I'm sure the time will fly by!
2014-10-17, Claudia

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