Tiny House Subfloor...Hooray!

Construction kingpin Josh framing and dry-fitting insulation into the subfloor!

I met Josh for the first time on Wednesday July 9th at the Vancouver Tiny House Meetup that had 24 people show up! We are getting bigger every month.

Today I went to the build site for a tour and to take photos of the finished subfloor...notice how the floor will clear the fenders of the wheels. I'm not a fan of the bumps one often sees on tiny house floors where framed-around fender tops intrude into the floor space. Flat is where it's at, baby.

Standing on the subfloor, I was struck by how long my future floor space felt, and that is not yet even including the 40" or so of deck space outside the front door. That was a good feeling =)

And I crawled underneath the trailer to commemorate the occasion by writing an inscription and signing my name on the trailer frame with a silver paint pen. It was lovely and I got covered in wood chips and sawdust which was alright by me as wood smells great!

A wonderful day! Thank you, John and Josh for all your hard work and excellent choice of work space...Co Lab is amazing and next year I hope to look into becoming a member.

Little Miss Crow

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Cool - I recently got the Tumbleweeds DVD that supports building one of their floor plans. Their sub-floor build was quite different. Thanks for explaining wanting to be above the wheel wells. That will make for an extra step on your front stairs. ;-)
2014-07-17, David

One extra step on the stairs but one less tripping hazard for mankind, lol,
2014-07-18, Little Miss Crow

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