Tiny House Highs and Lows

Had a fantastic meeting last night with my builder, John McFarlane of Camera Buildings. We met at a coffee shop in Library Square, inside the downtown branch of the Vancouver Public Library, which is one of my favourite buildings;

photo from msafdie.com

I had originally spoken to John on the phone about a basic loft set up for the bed, but then had realized the design for the rest of the space made it possible to have a raised section of floor with the bed hidden beneath it on a rolling platform that could be pulled out when needed.

This made for a much more open and airy look that tied in better with the overall design and feel of the Filter, and also doubled the storage space of the unit. John is looking at feasibility of the pull-out bed as well as giving me a quote, and I should be hearing back from him in the next week or two.

So the meeting was definitely the high; the low was that early that morning I had nonchalantly checked my work's facebook page before going to sleep (I work graveyard shifts and so am as nocturnal as a little brown bat) and found out we were in the news.

I work for a non-profit social services agency in the DTES, and part of our funding comes from the provincial government. We sometimes do not see eye to eye with them, and are not quiet about our frustrations when they arise, and so have made a few enemies. We were in the process of an audit by a third party when a government minister was quoted as saying that the government was essentially looking to shut us down.

So that, obviously, made me wonder about the security of my job, not twelve hours before my meeting. I was upfront with John about it, and so I am waiting a week or so to see how it all shakes out before signing a purchase agreement. I'm pretty sure the government knows trying to throw 300 or so unionized workers out on the street over political differences will make them look damn shortsighted and exceedingly petty, so it'll probably be ok.

On a brighter note, here is a photo I took of the sky over the DTES from the cruise ship terminal on a beautiful summer day.

Originally posted March 06/2014; changed blog platform.

Little Miss Crow

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