Yikes! Stuff Be Getting Finished!

What a difference a few days makes...October 29th photos...look at those sweet white walls. Instantly makes the space bigger and more restful.

We are looking at my galley kitchen on the left hand side; I will actually have nine feet of counter space, including sink, etc. and a nice big window to look out of while doing dishes. Bathroom walls are in, and....check out my beautiful dark wood flooring under the mezzanine framing and protective sheet of plywood. The dark tone recedes and makes the ceiling appear even higher.

Another angle of my kitchen base cabinets. There won't be any upper cabinets; one of the many, many great tips I read online about designing for tiny houses stressed the importance of trying to keep cabinets either above your head or below your waist; you literally don't want them all up in your face. Really helps to make the space expand rather than contract.

This is the sun shining into my teeny tiny very small little shower stall-in-progress. Natural light rules. Especially here where its currently monsoon-ing with great gusto.

Hi Carpenter Guy Josh! Working like a dog. I am happy to say a kind soul showed up to feed him chocolate donuts shortly after this photo was taken.

What's that back in the corner, losing its religion? None other than a delightful electrical panel. Hot damn!

Little Miss Crow

All art and photos are copyright isabella legosi mori unless otherwise credited. Please check out my builder's site camerabuildings.com

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Wow, it's really taking shape! It looks so bright and inviting, you must be beside yourself with anticipation :-)
Thanks for posting an update, it's exciting to see things coming together.
2014-11-05, Claudia

An update on the update; move in day is now Nov 10th as we had some supply delays that put us back a bit.
2014-11-05, Little Miss Crow

Shame about the delays, but at least you're now less than a week from moving in! Woohoo!!
2014-11-06, Claudia

I live in Shelton...and would like to come see in person....is this possible?
2014-12-22, Linda

Hi Linda, if we could set up a time that worked for us both, I would be happy to give you a tour =) I work Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun graveyard shifts, so it would have to be after 2pm on a Mon/Tues/Wed. Let me know.
2014-12-24, Little Miss Crow

WOW!!! I Likes... I think I would enjoy your dream.... I'ld love to talk with ya bout building something very similar. I dont want lofts... Really like your idea of a slide out bed. Way Kewl. God Bless ya on your adventure....
2015-01-24, Joel

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