Thousand Crow Has Landed! is good. Thousand Crow is finished, and I moved in on November 10th. I am in an rv park with limited wifi, so between that and unpacking, have not had the energy to post. Check out some photos!

And a lovely porch, thank you John!

Cat is not sure about the paparazzi invasion...

Hooray for sunny days and happy octopi!

I really, really, really love my kitchen. It is exactly the right size and has a place for everything I need. This and the photos above are by the fabulous Marty Mclennan; check out more of his amazing photos at

Even this Starbucks wifi is sad...can't upload photos from my imgur album of photos I took shortly after I had unpacked all my stuff, so here's a link to it.

I love my house, and I hope anyone thinking about a tiny house adventure jumps on in...the water's fine!

Little Miss Crow

All art and photos are copyright isabella legosi mori unless otherwise credited. Please check out my builder's site

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Wow - wonderful to see it done. It looks great! And there it is not in an industrial lot now.
Thanks for the extra photos. I did wonder what you were going to do about curtains. Lots of window in a small space is wonderful but...
2014-12-23, David

Congrats, it looks amazing! So much light, the space looks far bigger than it is. Quick question: How do you close the shutters -- from the inside or the outside? And how does the mechanism work?
2014-12-24, Claudia

One of the beautiful homes I've seen! Congrats on seeing this thru to a done and sharing it with us.
2014-12-24, Terry Brawley

So happy for you, Isabella!
2014-12-24, Paul

Hey everybody, thank you so much for your kind words! It has been a lot of work to get to this point, but, after six weeks, I cannot imagine wanting to live any other way. It has exactly what I need, and a source of great joy.
Claudia; the shutters are opened from the outside, and as far as I know is a simple hinge mechanism. The only time they have been opened was to clean the outsides of the windows. They are not meant to be opened as a daily thing, but rather only if needed for maintenance.
2014-12-24, Little Miss Crow

Thanks for getting back to me! After seeing the pics, I am even more psyched to follow your lead. Are you still planning an open house? I have so many questions to ask you, even as I doodle endless layouts and try to figure out the electrical load of my must-have appliances!
2014-12-24, Claudia

Awesome layout and your kitchen is perfect. My daughter/son in law are building a tiny home and near completion. Next spring we begin on mine, I so want lots of Windows and to keep the space light and airy. Good job.
2014-12-27, Barb

I just read about your house in the National Post this morning. Your house is fantastic - it really is the first Tiny House I've seen that doesn't seem to have tiny pokey little spaces, but rather is filled with light, and seems very spacious and gracious from the pics. The bed under the mezzanine is a stroke of genius, rather than in a loft and suffering the loss in headroom height. As an architect, I applaud you and Camera Builders. You obviously worked so well together to come up with such a fabulous little structure. Fantastic job! I'm quite jealous - I would like my own tiny home, but am struggling with some of the details to adequately insulate for an Alberta winter.
2015-01-26, James

Great to see a story of a beautiful tiny home in Canada. They are few and far between. (And it's heartening to see this as an endeavour of someone who is north of, well 25. This is quite different from quite a few that I've seen, with loads of storage and light. All of my friends think I am crazy but with every one I see and every dollar I save I move closer to my dream of a my own tiny home, and one in the Lower Mainland.
2015-01-26, D. Adams

Thank you Barb! The quest for light really drove a lot of my design choices. The Pacific Northwest is lovely but these winter months can get a little dreary =)
2015-01-27, Little Miss Crow

Hello James, and thank you for your kind words! John McFarlane, my builder, was a dream to work with, and he really did a lovely job. I had very specific ideas, especially the under-mezzanine bed, and had designed the floor plan. John was able to work with it and to suggest improvements, especially with the location of the two large closets, and the design of the wonderful stair/bench/storage unit at the foot of the bed.
I think tiny house lofts are probably *the* tiny house design issue that turns people off most often, and for many reasons; insufficient head space in both the loft and the living space beneath it; the ladder that is often right in the middle of the living area, is uncomfortable to use, and just a general pain in the ass; the loft area likely being too hot in summer; and incorporating an operable window in the loft large enough to be a second exit in case of fire.
I think being able to show folks that lofts are an option and not a tiny house requirement is something that will inspire those holding back because of the loft issue to get back in the game and build.
There's got to be a way to have your tiny home functional, beautiful, and Alberta-winter-proof; I'd love to see your build once you get underway!
2015-01-27, Little Miss Crow

Awesome. . Great storage solutions and fantastic use of space. Be proud
2015-01-31, Larn Davies

Thanks Larn! It's working really well for me, and hope it encourages others to go for it =)
2015-02-03, Little Miss Crow

Hello Little Miss Crow! We'd like to feature your well-designed home in our website :) Thank you so much for inspiring others that space isn't much of an issue. I want a house like yours! :)
2015-02-04, Cielo_PH

Hello Cielo, thank you! Which website is that?
2015-02-05, Little Miss Crow

It's a website from the Philippines! I'm featuring inspiring stories that will encourage our visitors to build a home that works for them. it's :)
2015-02-05, Cielo Anne Calzado

I like your website, Cielo, and would be happy to have Thousand Crow featured =) Thank you so much!
2015-02-05, Little Miss Crow

Hello Isabella, my name is Spencer, a reporter of Fairchild TV. We are a national Chinese TV network in Canada, and I am very interested in learning more about your Thousand Crow project, and would love to see if you are interested in doing an interview with us. May I contact you via email? Thank you, and looking forward to hear back from you!
2015-02-25, Spencer Gall

Where's the stove and bed??
2017-03-13, Curious

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