Thousand Crow Will Be a Hallowe'en Baby!

We decided to push the finish date up a month as while the build was on schedule, there was no slack left in the schedule in case something did happen to put us behind, so it was better to have time to do things right at a reasonable pace then be pulling crazy hours if something came up. The process has been really smooth thus far, so I did not have an issue with being flexible on the delivery date. 

And of course, Hallowe'en is the best holiday of them all! I think there will be some cut-out black paper crows decorating the open house!

The Air Head toilet arrived, as did the Precision Temp RV-550 NSP floor-vented, four-season, tankless water heater. Hooray! John tells me that the Air Head can be vented through the floor as well, so no random vent thingies sticking out of the sides of the house for me; even the catbox vent will be venting underneath the house, and I'm using an electric portable oil-filled radiator for heat so no Dickinson Marine heater venting either. 

Little Miss Crow

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Ha ha, paper crow decorations would be awesome! Shame about the delay, but I agree that it's better to take the extra time to get it right.
Incidentally, what made you choose Air Head? I'm on the fence between that and Nature's Head. Decisions, decisions...
2014-09-25, Claudia

Yeah, it's pretty typical for construction projects of any type to have unexpected hiccups. Odd little things that stop something from being finished. A delayed or missing part, a required change, an unexpected option, etc.
2014-09-25, David

Sorry for not replying sooner; managed to get sick and have a bit of a crisis at work; I work at Insite, and we had a hell of a rash of overdoses in the last few weeks, culminating in this last crazy weekend.
In regards to the project, I really am thankful things are progressing as they are. A few tiny house/alt living friends have been having a hell of a time lately, so I'm counting my blessings!
2014-10-16, Little Miss Crow

Hey Claudia,
I went with Airhead because according to Interweb scuttlebutt, Nature's Head is essentially Airhead's design with some minor tweaks, and so I prefer to go with the original innovator rather than what can be seen as a bit of a 'knock off' situation. They are both well-reviewed.
2014-10-16, Little Miss Crow

Laughed when I saw this today in Metro paper:
(see page 30)
2014-10-17, David

Sorry to hear things have been rough on your end! Sending good thoughts.
You know, I had a feeling that's why you went with the Airhead. And, quite frankly, I agree with your thinking on that :-)
2014-10-17, Claudia

Lol, time was dragging like crazy there for a bit, because work was ridiculous and I was so impatient to get into my new house; but of course now it seems like I have a million things to do in zippo time...the human condition, I suppose =)
2014-10-31, Little Miss Crow

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