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It's interesting reading the comments on stories in the mainstream media. I'd say overall they are divided into one third positive, one third negative, and one third hijacked to support somebody's agenda, usually someone's dead-horse-beating rant under 14 different handles about overseas buyers in the the Vancouver property market.

I love the thoughtful comments that show that people are taking a look at our culture's square footage = status issue and questioning why we are expected and encouraged to go into massive debt for space we neither need or use.

I also love the comments that indicate I've helped inspire someone to seriously think about building or buying their own tiny house.

The comments I do not love are those that run a little something like this;

"She should have bought a ______ square foot _________ for__________!"

Actually, I should not have bought a _______ square foot _________ for ________, because i did not want to buy one of those. Amazing but true!

The implication is that I somehow did not come across RVs, travel trailers, Airstreams, and mobile homes online despite literally years of research. That I accidentally spent my money on the 'wrong' thing.

If you, commenting person, would have spent your money differently, awesome! Different needs, different priorities, different phases of life. But own it dude, spit it out thusly;

"I think I would have bought a ______ square foot etc. etc. etc."

I made a different choice, not a faulty choice. You like spotty cats, I like stripey ones. Bubbles loves us both. =)

Little Miss Crow

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