Cedar Siding Going On!

And the glass should be in at this point, as they were aiming to do it on Sunday.

King of Carpenters Josh took this photo; I swiped it from the Camera Buildings facebook page. Yoink!

And check out the door now in the frame!

You may recognize these last two photos, as they were in The Province last week as part of an article on tiny houses.

Poor John says he actually ended up cutting his finger when holding the pane of glass above. The pile of black things on the right are the rest of the glass panels, seen on edge. 

Move-in day is coming up so quick! Oct 1st, holy cannoli!

EDIT: some additional photos from around the same time....

Hooray for siding!

Getting to be tarp season. Damn!

Check out the grain towers waaaaaaay back there; the white cylinders at the left hand side of the photo, about half way up. Definite Vancouver landmark.

A closer look at those windows...

Little Miss Crow

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Hello and I adore your sweet abode! I am curious as to how you clean the outside windows with the slates there. Are they on hinges so you can clean the glass?
2015-04-04, margot

Hello Margot, thank you! They are, in fact hinged at the top so they can be tilted away from the glass so it can be cleaned.
2015-04-07, Little Miss Crow

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