Your Friends Won't Believe Their Eyes When They See the Insulation on This Tiny House!

Super busy; finishing school, being on vacation, computer freak outs, and having to take someone to court, but mostly life is awesome because so much work is getting done on Thousand Crow!

I actually have a bit of a backlog of construction photos, so let's get right to it!

August 5th photos...

This was taken from across the street; with so many vertical lines going on, it's not easy to spot the tiny house, but just look for shiny new wood and you'll spot her in profile. I think she's 25' with the front porch overhang, so no room to spare in the yard!

Closer view, with a cameo by Tyrion the Half Bike, my trusty Motorino XPD Electric Scooter.  The sharp-eyed among you may notice the trailer has swapped ends since the final images; the tongue will be at the entrance end because it will support the removable deck outside my front door.

August 21st...

Check it out! Roof no longer is just raw wood any more, and exterior insulation is on.

I love these boards. No idea what they are for, but they rule.

What's that yellow, flat thing on the floor towards the other end? Could it be a....

...door? Why, yes, it is a door, and with a little luck and so forth, it may well be upright and in the front door frame quite soon!

Scintillating close-up of the exterior insulation. I'm already feeling cozy.

Looking out toward where the first photo was taken. Hello waterfront industry!

And my trailer hitch with jack stand. I will need to buy four scissor lifts to support the corners of my house once it's parked so I can level it easily and take the weight off the tires. 

I also got to pick out finishing things like the sink, kitchen tap, shower head, and front door colour and hardware. Everything is coming together =)

Little Miss Crow

All art and photos are copyright isabella legosi mori unless otherwise credited. Please check out my builder's site

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Oh, interesting. Unusual approach for the front door. Usually its at the other end or on the side. Looking forward to see how this works. Makes sense to use the hitches support. I guess some have tanks or utilities cabinets there.
The leaning boards were probably just there to dry in the sun but it is a curious visual. Thanks for the update!
2014-08-29, David

Looks so awesome, Isabella!
2014-08-29, Paul

It's getting so close to being reality! Super-exciting but also a little scary, like most fabulous things in life =)
2014-08-29, Little Miss Crow

Just ran into this Vardo with a deck on the front hitch.
2014-09-01, David

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